Diagnosis of Periodontal Disease

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How Do We Diagnose Periodontitis?

The diagnosis of periodontal disease involves a careful examination. At Peace Periodontics, our Dental Team will conduct a complete periodontal examination to determine the type of periodontal disease we are treating.

Despite our increased understanding of periodontal infections, the best diagnosis is through a traditional clinical exam. To arrive at a periodontal diagnosis of your condition, we will perform the following assessment:

  • We will determine the presence or absence of clinical signs of inflammation (e.g., whether there is any bleeding upon instrument probing)
  • We will probe the depths of your gum pockets
  • We will determine the extent and pattern of loss of clinical attachment and bone
  • We will go over your specific medical and dental history
  • We will determine the presence (or absence) of miscellaneous signs and symptoms, including pain and/or ulceration, along with the amount of observable plaque and calculus present on your teeth.

Plaque-induced periodontal diseases have traditionally been divided into two general categories: gingivitis and periodontitis. Gingivitis is the presence of gingival inflammation without the loss of any connective tissue attachment. Periodontitis is when the inflammation at the sites of attachment have been compromised. And then there is a loss of either connective tissue or bone.

After your examination, your Periodontist will then take the information gathered during the exam and present you with a treatment plan based on the severity of your case. Those levels are defined as:

  • Gingivitis (Type 1)
  • Mild Periodontitis (Type 2)
  • Moderate Periodontitis (Type 3)
  • Advanced Periodontitis (Type 4)
  • Refractory Periodontitis (Type 5)

Your Diagnosis and Treatment Plan

At Peace Periodontics, we will work with you to provide you with a careful diagnosis and treatment plan. We will determine the level of severity of your periodontal disease. Once diagnosed, we will then suggest an appropriate treatment plan for your condition. We will work to educate you about your particular situation so you can make the most informed treatment choices possible.

To learn more about Periodontitis, we invite you to contact Peace Periodontics to schedule a consultation appointment.

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Dr Ward Piepgrass is an amazing Dentist and human being. I have had him as a dentist for 31 yrs. his work is excellent, he Has tremendous talent and is a kind gentle Person. He explains what the procedure will be, his staff are kind and courteous. I would highly recommend him!

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I am terribly scared of dentist from past experience! Thankfully the staff and Dr. Piepgrass made me so comfortable and fixed such a big problem I was having! You gave me so much out of this visit I cannot thank them all enough!! I highly recommend this dentist!!

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